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Go deeper into the world of technology to crack open the systems that manage the operations for your device.

USB Dongle

Get the best wireless network connection using the USB dongle that blends well with the system.

USB Plug

Use functional USB plugs to set the device at its best operational quality. Extract the key from the code provided.

USB Media

Integrated circuit assemblies are built with advanced technologies to store all the data for the games.

USB Port

This standard cable connection interface for electronic devices allows the USB devices to be connected with each other.

PS Jailbreak USB ModChip

Connect this USB drive to your device to open the program that develops the console for better games.

Data is accepted as input on this multipurpose, digital integrated circuit to process it according to the instructions.

All the data you work on is stored on this drive to help you access the software and other information whenever required.

The system runs on the links connecting the multiple devices embedded on this huge board of unlimited potential.

PS3KEY USB Development Kit

Multiple mods are being used in the system for this software development,
project helping improve the console.

Storing Optional Files

Dongle For PS3

Compatible With All PS3 Models

Janice Ellison

"This is the best place to start learning about the different components of a large system of a small device."

Ps3 Key Jailbreak

Risk-Free Fixture Gaming

Secure snapping into the controllers in handheld mode
helps gaming easier and free of any risks.

USB Plug and Play

All you need to do is get the USB device with the key to getting started with your favorite PS3 games.

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PS3Key USB Development and Review

PS3Key USB Development and Review

Dongles have been in the market for a long time, and their purpose has been changing over the years. People have used it as the mobile router for internet connection, which would be stable enough when the dongles use the best technology to pair with the nearest devices. The idea behind expanding the scope of this gadget was also linked with the games being played by millions across the globe. Popular video games in the gaming arena are now available in different formats, and the hacks to win at these sessions are often unknown. Jailbreaking the game console was an opportunity perfectly seized by the developers to establish the brand of PS3Keys.

When the option to install an alternate operating system was removed from the console during an upgrade, users had to rely on other features. FTP SERVER was [….]

Invalid Serial Numbers — Our Bad!

We’ve had quite a few emails from people angry that their PS3Key serial number does not work. This has happened because we shipped a batch of PS3Keys and forgot to update them in our database — it was a silly mistake and we’re very sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused to everyone.

All PS3Key serial numbers have now been updated, so if you tried registering before and it was declined, please try again now!

Once again, we’re very sorry about this. Our fault, entirely.

Stay tuned for an announcement about the v3 update for PS3Key soon.. 🙂

Product Recall For A Small Number Of PS3Keys

PS3Key USB Development and Review

During a routine audit of our systems, it came to light that a small number of PS3Keys were sent out with an incorrect bootloader. If your PS3Key serial number is between 1001 0300 0000-x and 1001 0300 0999-x, then you are affected. Please contact your point of sale, and they will be happy to exchange it for you.

We have already sent notifications to the distributors to whom we supplied this stock, so their resellers should already be aware of the situation. If they are not, please send them a link to this news article. We have already provided new stock to our distributors, so getting a replacement should be a straightforward process.

If you have a PS3Key within the affected serial number range, you may not notice any abnormal activity. However, due to the problem with the bootloader on [….]


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