I tried authenticating my PS3Key but it says that my details are invalid.

Applies to: PS3Key

Please contact the place your bought your chip from immediately to ask them about this. All genuine PS3Keys are shipped with serial numbers but mistakes can happen.

Please be patient and allow your reseller to solve the problem for you.

If you purchased from one of our official distributors then it is very unlikely you have a clone.

However, if, after speaking to your reseller you are not entirely satisfied, please contact us with full details immediately.

How do I get PS3Key into bootloader mode in order to update it?

Applies to: PS3Key

Connect and disconnect PS3Key to a USB port on your PC 3 times within 10 seconds. Then both LEDs (blue and red) will then come on at the same time. The Update button in the software will no longer be disabled and you will be able to click it to apply the update.

I insert my PS3Key and nothing happens. No lights, nothing! What’s wrong?

Applies to: PS3Key

Unfortunately, a small number of PS3Keys (estimated at less than 1% of the total produced so far) were shipped with a little less insulating tape than they should have been. This is causing the metal contacts on the bottom of the circuit board to short circuit on the metal case. Don’t worry, though! This isn’t a fatal short circuit, your PS3Key has not been damaged.

To remedy this problem, simply remove the PCB and affix extra tape, as shown below:

1) Remove the blue plastic cap and bend the small metal clamps open:

2) Slide the cicruit board out of the metal case:

3) Flip the circuit board over and affix a nice big piece of insulating tape. If your tape is quite thin, use 2 layers just to be sure:

That’s it! Panic over! We’re very sorry if you’ve had to do this.. it wasn’t intentional, just a little mishap at the factory!

Where can I find the Backup Manager?

Applies to: PS3Key

The PS3Key Backup Manager is currently under development and will be released soon.

Until then, please use one of the other backup managers that are publicly available.

Do I need to power-cycle (switch off and on again) PS3 on every startup?

Applies to: PS3Key

Yes, this is required to enter Jailbreak mode.

Will PS3Key ever be compatible with 3.42 or 3.50 firmware?

Applies to: PS3Key

Development regarding new firmware versions is constantly in focus. If a way can be found to make USB dongles work with 3.42 or 3.50 firmware versions, then this will be done and immediately made available as a firmware update. PS3Key is 100% updatable via USB so updates can easily be applied in seconds!


The PS3 freezes or displays “Error 80010009” – what’s wrong?

Applies to: PS3Key

If you experience this problem, go into the “Game Data Utility” on your PS3 and make sure any game data for the game you are trying to play is deleted before attempting to run the game from the Backup Manager.

This process should only be necessary for the first time you attempt to run the game using Backup Manager. After that you will no longer need to delete the Game Data for the specific game.

The PS3Key Update Application doesn’t work in Vista / Windows 7

Applies to: PS3Key

This problem can usually be solved using the following steps:

Make sure that the PS3Key Update Application is closed.

Right-click on the PS3Key Update Application icon and choose “Properties”

Click on the “Compatibility” tab and enable “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” with “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)” selected.

Under “Privilege Level” select “Run this program as an administrator”

Click ok and run the PS3Key Update Application again.

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