Buying YouTube Subscribers: Will It Boost Your Chances for Content Monetization?

youtube subscribeMany YouTubers take on offers to buy 10000 youtube subscribers because they’re in a hurry to join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) that allows monetization of videos with ads. While massively inflating your subscriber count enables hitting the YPP monetization requirements, the strategy is not foolproof as it projects only a short term temporary impression.

Nevertheless if your paid YouTube subscriber provider gives a guarantee of inflating your account with real subscribers and real views, the short term result will lift your visibility for a brief spell. Not unless they involve 10000 genuine YouTube subscribers who will interact and engage in actual exchange of communications that will subsequently and organically grow your subscriber count.
Otherwise 10000 YouTube subscribers that were added to your account in bulk without any form of interaction whatsoever, might not result in long-term success. They might even be detected by YouTube and be grounds for account suspension and removal.
After all, the YouTube platform is an essential IT infrastructure for individuals with special talents and skills, influencers and businesses looking to firmly establish their online presence.

Finding Out Who are Your Subscribers

A YouTube channel creator who wants to know who are his genuine subscribers and who are not, can find out by logging in to one’s account so he can access the YouTube Studio.
Click on the Channel Dashboard, go to the Channel Analytics section where you will find the total number of subscribers to your channel. Here, you can also view a list of the people currently subscribed to your channel. The list includes the name, the profile picture, the subscriber counts and the corresponding subscription dates.
If you bought 10000 YouTube subscribers then there should be information about them in your subscriber list, including in the Recent Subscriber Cards.

What Makes Growing YouTube Subscriber Number Important?

youtube advertisementsActually, a YouTube Channel needs only 1000 subscribers as part of the eligibility requirement for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). YPP is a monetization scheme allowing video creators to earn from advertisements appearing in their video content. In addition to the minimum 1000 channel subscribers, YPP also requires garnering 4,000 watch hours during the last 365 days or past 12 months.
When those requirements are met the YouTube content creator can have advertisements appearing in his videos. The ads will earn him revenues whenever viewers watch them. The YouTuber gets 55% share of the advertiser’s payment while the YouTube platform gets the remaining 45%.
Actually, there are other ways of monetizing YouTube video content but the YPP is regarded as the most ideal; although many say it takes about a year of genuine hard work to attain the monetization goal.

Buying YouTube Subscribers: Will It Boost Your Chances for Content Monetization?

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