Product Recall For A Small Number Of PS3Keys

PS3Key USB Development and Review

During a routine audit of our systems, it came to light that a small number of PS3Keys were sent out with an incorrect bootloader. If your PS3Key serial number is between 1001 0300 0000-x and 1001 0300 0999-x, then you are affected. Please contact your point of sale, and they will be happy to exchange it for you.

We have already sent notifications to the distributors to whom we supplied this stock, so their resellers should already be aware of the situation. If they are not, please send them a link to this news article. We have already provided new stock to our distributors, so getting a replacement should be a straightforward process.

If you have a PS3Key within the affected serial number range, you may not notice any abnormal activity. However, due to the problem with the bootloader on these particular dongles, unforeseen and unpredictable issues may occur in the future. Therefore, we encourage everyone with a PS3Key within this range to return it to their point of sale for immediate replacement.

We would also like to stress that this issue is NOT hardware-related, but rather an issue related to the bootloader. However, because the bootloader is required to update the PS3Key, it is not possible to release an update to replace the bootloader.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this issue causes anyone. We place the current and future reliability of the PS3Key above all else, which is why we decided to make this announcement.

Thank you for your continued support of PS3Key!

Product Recall For A Small Number Of PS3Keys

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