PS3Key USB Development and Review

PS3Key USB Development and Review

Dongles have been in the market for a long time, and their purpose has been changing over the years. People have used it as the mobile router for internet connection, which would be stable enough when the dongles use the best technology to pair with the nearest devices. The idea behind expanding the scope of this gadget was also linked with the games being played by millions across the globe. Popular video games in the gaming arena are now available in different formats, and the hacks to win at these sessions are often unknown. Jailbreaking the game console was an opportunity perfectly seized by the developers to establish the brand of PS3Keys.

When the option to install an alternate operating system was removed from the console during an upgrade, users had to rely on other features. FTP SERVER was one of the first applications to be used by these people to store the optional files in the home network. Emulators of multiple games were also kept on the radar to make improvements of games possible within a short time. Original games could be installed to the internal hard drive or an external hard drive with the secondary feature found on the Internet. Shorter waiting times and lesser wear and tear were the results of these technologies. PS3key is one such innovation that changed many things for gamers. Let us take a closer look at how this USB has been making a difference.

Updating the PS3Key

A USB slot is all you need to update the PS3Key, thereby improving the functionality of the new features and the unit. Registering your PS3Key on the website will direct you to the update system, which can be downloaded within a few minutes. Simply insert and remove the PS3Key from the USB slot four times to set the program running for the updates. The job would be done in about 30 seconds. You only need to close the program to see how the PS3Key has impacted the features of your system and the game.

Pros of PS3Key

Most users who tapped into the features of PS3Key were left satisfied with the product because of the easy steps to solve the problems. The pros of this product include:

  • Affordable price
  • Small size
  • Game backups
  • Upgradeable using USB
  • Supports external USB HDD
  • Warranties are not made void
  • Open source firmware such as PSGroove/PSFreedom can be run easily.

PS3Key USB Development and Review

Risks of Using PS3Key

Current video game consoles are compatible with this product, but it could trouble gamers in the long run. By using this, the suspension of online services and PSN could be around the corner. As soon as the console is updated, the functions of the product cease. When you go online, the updates can be installed. It can also work the same way when you start a new game from a disc or intentionally download an update to install from the flash drive. However, newer games cannot be played since they require updating.

PS3Key USB Development and Review

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