South Africans Rock as Leading Innovators Despite Poor Power Supply

South Africans have the misfortune of needing a schedule for load shedding so they can keep their daily affairs and activities organized to ensure productivity. Yet despite the challenges, the country has achieved ranking as the second most innovative economy among the 26 nations in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Global Innovation Index (GII) based SA’s ranking on the nation’s latest innovation and technological capabilities.

After all, most of the ordinary tools we are using today originated as crude implements innovated by the early Africans. They were devised at a time when the people did not rely on electricity to be productive and organized.

However, mankind has to deal with human issues that could affect progress, as exemplified by Eskom and its executives. South Africans have seen 15 long years of intermittent power supply that Eskom continues to blame on the aging power plants. The only solution that the company has adopted is load shedding and power distribution, whilst issuing schedules in advance to help SA citizens prepare.

Actually, there were month s last year when load shedding went on relentlessly for days in several areas. The situation left a lot of unattended tasks and chores that piled up, up to the time the next power outage happened. Such conditions were burdensome it brought on poor results and in worst cases, clolures.

One thing that is noteworthy about South Africans is that they are capable of enduring life struggles. Throughout the country’s long history as a nation, the African people are not new to facing challemges amd enduring hardship as a means of survival.

South Africa;s Most Recent Innovations

South Africa’s timeline for modern day inventions began in the 18th century at a time when the country was annexed as part of the British Empire. As the turns of events have it, South Africa gained it independence as a nation and therefore already in a position to gain from the innovations of its people. Just to cite examples, below is a list o popular South African inventions on which GII based its assessment of the innovative capabilities of South Africans.

The Cobb Grill– a charcoal briquette stove that serves as a safer and better alternative to the paraffin powered stoves that led to numerous fires in rural areas. The Cobb grill was invented by Kenneth Hall in 2001 and was featured by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions during the year.

The Ubuntu Operating System, which immediately became popular when it was released for publishing by South African British entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth.

Cenocell – This is a cementless concrete construction material invented by Professor Mulalo Doyoyo in 2005

Freeplay Fetal Hear Rate Monitor – invented in 2008, it’s a diagnostic tool for monitoring the heart beat of pregnant women in South Africa when electricity is not available. Developed through the collaboration John Hutchinson, Stefan Zwahlen and Phili[ Goodwin, the hand-cranked device has been providing valuable support for child delivery services in the rural areas of South Africa.

Digital Laser – A first in the world digital technology for on-demand laser mode invented by Doctor Sandile Ngcobo in 2013.

3D-Printed Bone Transplant – In 2019 at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital, Professor Mashudu Tshifularo made medical history for being the first to successfully implant 3D-printed bones in reconstructing a patient’s middle ear.

South Africans Rock as Leading Innovators Despite Poor Power Supply

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